Alexander Yoo

I have been helping people heal for most of my life. I have over 25 years of clinical experience in the fields of medicine, mental health, advocacy, and spiritual support. I have witnessed my clients remake themselves and perform extraordinary feats, and I have been impressed time and again by the resilience and creativity of human beings.
In addition to being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am also an ordained clergyperson and hospice chaplain with a Master’s of Divinity. These experiences have informed and enhanced my psychotherapeutic work treating C/PTSD, trauma, abuse, domestic violence, and grief. I use a change-oriented, strengths-based, trauma-informed approach. I am a nationally-recognized expert and trailblazer in gender and sexual diversity, LGBTIQ+/QTPOC, and family and relational complexity. Additionally, I address spirituality, meaning-making, and the diverse array of ways of inhabiting the body (somatic work, size acceptance, perceived and lived gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, class, and culture).

I have found that video therapy offers what in-office and in-home therapy often cannot, such as consistent, accessible treatment for those from the far reaches of the state, or those needing secrecy and discretion, or those with busy professional lives, physical disabilities, severe anxiety, or lack of transportation.
Examples of the kinds of people for whom I have provided psychotherapy (often overlapping categories):
* Clients in remote, rural areas
* Men embarrassed seeking therapy, some in farming communities
* Trans, gay, queer adolescents and college students in isolated communities without competent LGBT healthcare (including therapy) in the geographical area and for whom being exposed as LGBT would have literal life-and-death consequences
* Lack of public transportation and/or hours-long drives
* Clients with severe PTSD manifesting as agoraphobia or extreme distress when driving
* Clients who work overnight and cannot come into an office during conventional hours
* Clients with busy, high-stress jobs in STEM, attorneys, accountants, other professionals
* People in relationships or members of a family living in different parts of the state
* Elders who are home-bound, in residential facilities, or who have trouble with mobility and transportation.
* Chronically ill clients

Incorporating trauma-focused, strength-based, existential, psychodynamic, intersectional, intergenerational family systems, and art/music modalities



C/PTSD, trauma, abuse, domestic violence, and grief. Additionally, I specialize as a clinician and consultant addressing LGBTIQ+, family and relational complexity, elders, adolescents, spirituality, meaning-making, and the diverse array of ways of inhabiting the body (somatic work, size acceptance, perceived and lived gender).


California 102886


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