Aditi Gohil

Without a mutually respectful and positive connection, therapy will often be ineffective.

I strive to create and maintain a relaxed, supportive, and honest therapeutic relationship. One where you can feel comfortable discussing any aspect of your life that "doesn't feel right."

I allow you to maintain control in your treatment- building safety and security and providing support and insight to help you create change in meaningful ways.

I believe that our past experiences, as early as infancy, can affect the development of ourselves and can negatively or positively impact how we connect with our world. These life experiences may have lasting influences on our lives. I will help you explore how your personal history may be guiding the ways in which you build and maintain relationships, cope with stressors, and view yourself within your daily routines.

I work with individuals through all life stages, from early childhood to adulthood. I also provide couples counseling. I have over ten years of experience providing counseling services and working in community-based agencies.




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Phone: 855-862-9262

500 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 1800

Los Angeles, CA 90071

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